Our main meetings normally take place on the second Sunday of alternate months at The Pavilion, Residents’ Gardens, Highfield, Southampton SO17 1QU.

In November, January and March we meet at 2pm.
In May, July and September the meeting time is 7pm.

Discussion Group meetings (with a theme) currently take place in the private houses of members. For this reason we have been advised to confine these occasions to members only.

Social Events — walks, visits, theatre trips and so on — mostly take place on the second Sunday of the months when we don’t meet at the pavilion. In December we have a Yuletide party, and our annual Autumn theatre trip takes place at one of the theatres in the region.

Earlier this year we organised a lunch with a speaker to celebrate Darwin Day on 12 February, one which we hope to be an annual event.

Anyone is welcome to attend any of our main meetings or social events with no obligation to become a member. After a couple of such visits, should they wish to attend regularly, it is expected that people will pay our modest annual subscription, which currently stands at £10 per person. For security reasons we have been advised to confine attendance at discussion groups to members.

Main Meetings
Our bi-monthly programme for 2018, normally with a visiting speaker, includes:
Strange new worlds, searching for another Earth; A life of crime: reflections on working with offenders; Charity of refugees; Current developments in Higher Education; Artificial Intelligence.

Discussion Groups
Also bi-monthly discussion groups with a theme, includes:
What can humanists learn from from religion; Abortion—what should be the humanist view?; What would be our ten commandments for today and in the future?; How can a country be governed in the era of fake news?; Is Britain a Democracy?; Death and Dying—what ho we think about our own death and that of others? What comfort can humanists give?

Social Events
Social events include:
Visit to Down House; Visit to Hawk Conservancy; Yuletide Party.